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What to eat
in Rimini piadina

One of the things that it is impossible not to taste to Rimini, the piadina. The bread of the gods, he calls someone. The filling can vary, depending on your tastes and what you want to try. The piadina, the classical example is the one with squacquerone cheese, arugula and prosciutto, another variant is without ham for vegetarians.

Aperitifs and nightlife in Rimini

The sea of Rimini, especially in the summer, is the ideal place for aperitifs based on fresh fish. A good glass of white wine or a beer served as an aperitif, some bruschetta tasty, before a dinner to make the moment memorable, especially if in good company and, above all, a view of the sea. After dinner, Rimini and the nearby cities, are a good starting point for a night of dancing and entertainment at night, parties with your feet on the sand and the local right to meet new friends.

Sports and parks

In Rimini there are several places where you can run freely, where they can practice sport in the open air, where one can train without having to pay a gym. The beach, for example, is the ideal place for running, training, jogging, breathe in the sea air or do stretching. But not only the beach, the parks of Rimini are many and large, they are the ideal place for walking fast, walks and chat in the company of friends, or where walking your four-legged friend.

Shopping in the city centre or in shopping malls

Rimini has a very interesting historical center with regard to shops and commercial activities. Small shops, streets that are dedicated to the craft, display cases with interesting clothing and furniture. In Rimini there is only the embarrassment of choice as regards shopping, the city centre, to the shops of the sea. For those that fail to find here the proposals that try, Rimini also has several shopping centres, first of all that de Le Befane.

Amusement parks
for families and children

Italy in Miniature, Fiabilandia, Aquafan and Mirabilandia. There are many amusement parks, even water that are found in Rimini and in its immediate vicinity. To Riccione and Cattolica, for example, are Aquafan, Oltremare and Aquarium, while the direction of Ravenna is Mirabilandia, an amusement park, very large inside with lots of games, not only for the children but also for adults, a playground that you can visit for a whole day.

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